Oakbridges - Labour Relations Strategists

We bring strength to bridging the gap

Our Services

  • Labour Relations Strategy, Execution Support and Road Maps 
  • Social Engagement and Shared Value Strategies
  • Situational Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Organizational Effectiveness - Audits and Change Mgmt Plans for Union Environments
  • Collective Bargaining - Strategy, Preparation for Negotiations and Post Bargaining
  • Training* 
  • Positive Performance Management for Union Environments

    * Labour Relations training (classroom format and online courses).

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Our Clients

Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining

Our core competency is as skilled negotiators. Our experience and expertise includes negotiating Framework Agreements, Project Agreements, renewal collective agreements and first contracts. We work with you to establish tailor-made negotiation strategies and bargaining mandates well in advance of actual negotiations; establishing disciplined bargaining processes and plans, assisting in the preparations for negotiations (risk and scenaro planning, management agenda items, working with Unions and other players) and acting as the Chief Negotiator. Oakbridges promotes interest-based approaches, creative problem solving and collaboration with the union representatives and/or all other stakeholders. We specialize in negotiating agreements during times of organizational change and projects of critical economic importance.

Creating Shared Value

Our name is designed to invoke the mental picture that we bring strength to bridging the gap that sometimes exists between an organization and its employees and other key stakeholders such as the unions, contractors and the community.  We help you focus on building a long-term strategy and plan with stable enduring relationships that creates shared value and prosperity for all.  This includes engaging employees, members of the community and promoting diversity and participation.
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