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Mergers, Acquisitions & Major Capital Investments - ILR Strategy and Due Diligence

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 18:47 -- Sue.Mackintosh

Industrial and Labour Relations - Risk or Opportunity??

In the case of a Merger or Acquisition the challenge for the purchaser of a business is to consider three themes: Multiple Stakeholders, Sustainability and Shared Value and consider how the concepts behind them can be leveraged to transform the targeted corporation into a success. For some, this soft side of the business is an afterthought. The value of an acquisition or merger is most often measured in terms of the financial synergies that can be gained, the scale of production that can be developed or the redundancies that can be eliminated. However, creating a culture of success built on the foundation of these three themes has the potential for improving productivity, quality, customer service, innovation, engagement and many other things. People ultimately drive value. The challenge is to unlock people's potential and there is no better time than when a transaction such as a merger, acquisition or major capital improvement investment sets in motion the opportunity for cultural change. Industrial and Labour Relations Strategies are designed to unlock the unrealized performance potential of an organization. The paper explores the specific Industrial and Labour Relations risks and the opportunities during these rich times of transformation and change.

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