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HR Manager's Guide to Attendance Management

By Hugh Secord.

Absenteeism costs Canadian organizations billions of dollars in lost productivity, health care benefits and the impact on employee morale. Managing employee attendance can have significant impact on the bottom line. Organizations that are able to control absenteeism are distinguished by their positive employee relations cultures. Ultimately this strengthens the over-all value-proposition and creates a strong bond between the organization and its clients.

This HR Manager’s Guide looks at the root causes of absenteeism and offers practical solutions to improve employee attendance and cut the costs associated with excessive absences. This Guide also examines some of the tricky legal issues associated with managing absences due to long term illnesses and injuries, substance abuse and pattern absenteeism. The reader will learn how to effectively counsel employees with chronic absenteeism issues, how to use discipline effectively and how to avoid litigation in cases where terminating the employment relationship becomes necessary.

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