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Out Of The Mist: Understanding Canadian Labour Relations Strategy

By Hugh Secord and Sue Mackintosh

Out of the Mist is now published.   Order now at the Thomson Reuters Canada - Carswell Store.  Out of the Mist is a Canadian Labour Reporter Special Report

This book examines the theories behind the development of canadian industrial relations strategies. Drawing from strategic approaches from other disciplines we seek ways to understand why labour relations strategy is important. Ultimately we believe that a comprehensive approach to industrial relations creates competitive advantages for organizations and shared value for the communities in which they operate.

We examine strategies at different levels in the organizations from the mission statement (or organizational doctrine), through the operations level and down to the granular level of applying the concepts to negotiations or responding to an organizing drive. Consequently the book should serve as a practical model for anyone who wants to think of how organizations can become more strategic. The ultimate focus is to show how to create competitive advantage and shared value.

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Thomson Reuters Carswell
Year of Publish:
December 2013