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What Every Director Should Know about Industrial Relations

By Hugh Secord and Sue Mackintosh

First of all.. what is Industrial Relations? We define this term and Labour Relations and Employee Relations and discuss the points of intersection. An organizations' industrial relations and labour relations environment is an area of governance that any Board of Directors member should be aware of. The paper frames the discussion in terms of risk management and governance and continues on to outline The Top 10 Aspects of Labour Relations that Every Board of Directors Should Know:

  • What to Unions Do;
  • Who the Leaders of the Union are;
  • How an organization creates a Labour Relations Strategy;
  • The risks inherent in a collective bargaining relationship;
  • The true costs of being unionized;
  • How a collective agreement affects organizational policies;
  • How a union's jurisdiction and scope of work are defined;
  • The impact being unionized has on productivity;
  • Why collaborative approaches don't seem to work between organizations and unions;
  • How organizations can reduce the conflict and adversarial approaches inherent in collective bargaining.


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